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Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

Corrugate/Sinusoidal panel forming machine is suitable for forming 0.2~0.8mm thickness steel/aluminum sheet. It adopts roll forming method, can produce beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction

We can also supply the customized machines.

Features of Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

Different corrugate/sinusoidal forming machine can produce different shapes of steel corrugate/sinusoidal sheets according to the client's profile drawings and requirements. The steel corrugate/sinusoidal sheets are new building materials with various thickness and colors.

Applications of Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

The finished products are used as the roof and walls of gymnasiums, airports, theatres, factories, warehouses, garages, exhibition centers etc.

Process Flow of Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

Uncoiler --- feeding--- roll forming--- cutting --- output

Machine Configurations of Corrugate/Sinusoidal Forming Machine

1. Uncoiler

2. Guide feeder

3. roll former

4. Hydraulic machine

5. PLC Control System

6. Hydraulic station

7. Output conveyor

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